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Corrugated & Solid Board


  • FEFCO-ESBO Codes:

    This Code has been developed by FEFCO and ESBO as an official system to substitute long and complicated verbal descriptions of fibreboard case and packaging constructions with simple symbols internationally understood by all, regardless of language and other differences.

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  • Corrugating Rolls of TERDECA:

    Terdeca is one of the well-known Corrugating Roll manufactuers on the world.
    Its strong products and developed sales and production network quickly made TERDECA a leading company in the manufacturing of new, reground and rebuilt corrugating rolls.

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  • Papers of CARTIERE DI TREVI:

    Cartiere di Trevi in 1960, adopting a policy focussed on technological development and based on providing products which meet the real needs of the market. Thanks mainly to its intuition to acquire technically versatile production equipment, management has been able to progressively diversify production over to years, and at present is able to offer 60,000 tons per year of 5 different types of top quality paper and cardboard, with different technical contents and end use.

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