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Chủ tịch Yossi Ben Shalom của Pointer
giới thiệu vắn tắt về công nghệ của Pointer Telocation.

Pointer Telocation (Nasdaq: PNTR) develops and supplies location based technologies and provides numerous value-added services to car dealers, auto manufacturers, insurance companies, and fleet managers, including road-side assistance, vehicle towing, stolen vehicle retrieval, and fleet management.

We accomplish this through 3 major sets of technologies:

Radio Frequency [RF] systems: These are technologies that communicate and locate an automobile. It’s basic technology that was invented around WWII but we’ve developed it into a lowcost system, consisting of bay stations and network management tools. With all of our experience we have created a complete system, and it would be complicated and expensive for someone to come along and try to duplicate our system.

Cellular units: We’ve combined GPS and GPRS together in a box with embedded software. We’ve developed our technology with a high sensitivity to both power and air time consumption. We have more than 100,000 units that we’ve sold into the automotive aftermarket, making us a serious player. We have developed an expertise through our experience with different customers, different demands, and working across numerous countries.

+  Command and Control: We’ve invested heavily in developing a very sophisticated system used for fleet management and stolen vehicle recovery [SVR]. We can sell our products to car owners, insurance companies, dealers, auto manufacturers, and even to the authorities. We feel that the market for our products is not yet mature, so we need to offer services to promote consumer uptake. Having our own technology allows us to win new markets for our services.


17/03/2009 --  Ông TRẦN NGỌC THÀNH, Vụ Phó Vụ Vận Tải - Bộ GTVT, nói về công dụng của "Hộp Đen"

Chủ tịch
Yossi Ben Shalom của Pointer giới thiêu vắn tắt về công nghệ của Pointer Telocation.

23/06/2008 --  CelloTrack cùng với G4S Telematic, tiếp vận Định Vị Vệ Tinh Live GPS, phục vụ các cuộc đua thuyền Địa Trung Hải.

*  28/02/2008 --  Cellocator CelloTrack thu hút sự quan tâm của khách hàng tại Triển Lãm Quốc Tế CeBIT 2008 tại Hannover, CHLB Đức