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Pointer Telocation Ltd. is a leading provider of products and services to the automotive and insurance industries, offering a set of services including Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Road Side Assistance and Fleet Management. The company is a leading RSA (Road Side Assistance) and AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) solutions provider for stolen retrieval, fleet management, car & driver safety, public safety, vehicle security and asset management. and more.

Cellocator – Pointer Product Division – positions Pointer at the cutting edge of Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). Being the developers of feature-rich customized products, Cellocator is an acknowledged source of sophisticated, reliable and cost-effective unit hardware systems designed for vehicle security and fleet management. Cellocator has been at the forefront of wireless communications and location technology for over a decade, complements Pointer, making it the one-stop-shop for all-inclusive automotive services and technologies.

Pointer Telocation offers a set of services including as the followings:

        +  Fleet Management
        +  Vehicle Security
        +  Asset Tracking
        +  Location Based Services
        +  Road Side Assistance (RSA)
        +  Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR)
Telematics Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

As Pointer Telocation Chairman Yossi Ben Shalom presented, Pointer accomplish all these through 3 major sets of technologies:

Radio Frequency systems: These are technologies that communicate and locate an automobile. It’s basic technology that was invented around WWII but we’ve developed it into a lowcost system, consisting of bay stations and network management tools. With all of our experience we have created a complete system, and it would be complicated and expensive for someone to come along and try to duplicate our system.

Cellular units: We’ve combined GPS and GPRS together in a box with embedded software. We’ve developed our technology with a high sensitivity to both power and air time consumption. We have more than 100,000 units that we’ve sold into the automotive aftermarket, making us a serious player. We have developed an expertise through our experience with different customers, different demands, and working across numerous countries.

Command and Control: We’ve invested heavily in developing a very sophisticated system used for fleet management and stolen vehicle recovery [SVR]. We can sell our products to car owners, insurance companies, dealers, auto manufacturers, and even to the authorities.

Pointer is perfectly poised to penetrate these new territories, developing new business opportunities, while enabling the insurance industry to consistently deploy high performance services for a demanding clientele.