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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the gold embedment made?

The gold embedment is made by using PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology and our proprietary process developed exclusively by Adionim. The embedment is done by bombardment of gold ions and atoms (the embedment material) to the upper layer of the product (the substrate).

2. Is the gold imbedded "into" the surface?

The Gold embedment is a very thin layer (about 0.001mm) which embedded into the upper layer of the substrate. The layer is build by means of PVD technology, which is basically a method with which you bomb the substrate with atoms and ions of the embedding material.

3. Will the gold picture fade in time? Will it pill or chip?

Naturally, Gold is a noble metal and therefore will never corrode or fade. However, its stability depends on the substrate material and its durability towards environmental influences. Bear in mind that 24 Karat Gold is a very soft material, and therefore should be treated very carefully, according to our specific instructions.

4. How does the gold embedment sustain outdoor environment and weather?

For additional protection of Gold, against mechanical damage, we add on top of the embedment, another protection layer. This layer can be either a hard PVD layer, or a special transparent layer designed to sustain hard environmental and weather conditions.

5. What is the warranty you give for the Gold embedment?

We give a lifetime guarantee, if treated according to instructions.

6. How can we be sure that the embedment is made of Pure 24K Gold?

We provide each 24 Karat Gold item with an authentication certificate, as well as with lifetime warranty and care & treatment instructions. You can also check the quality of our pure Gold in any authorized material lab.

7. Can you embed with other materials?

Yes. We can embed with various materials such as Silver, Titanium, Copper, ceramic compounds, and other metal and non metal compounds developed for specific uses and purposes.

8. On what materials (substrates) can you make embedments ?

Embedment can be made on granite, marble, ceramic plates and various kinds of stones, glass, precious stones, diamonds, various plastics and metals.

9. What pictures can you embed? Does it have to be a digital picture? Can you embed also artworks and designs?

We can embed any picture, script, logo, design etc. All we need is a good quality picture of the subject. However, if the picture is digital we can better control the quality of the picture. We also ease logistics by Emailed digital pictures.

10. Can you embed also old photographs or pictures?

We embed on the bare stone, which is later produced to a jewel. We embed on diamonds, and on precious and semi precious stones.

11. Can you embed on jewelry?

Yes. However you should realize is that the quality of the embedment will be the result of the original photo/picture quality. We digitalize the desired photo/picture and use the digital file with our process.

12. What shapes and sizes can you embed on?

All shapes with flat or near flat surfaces. Other shapes should be looked into specifically. Sizes can begin at pin-head size to 50x120 cm. Of course, every product has to be studied individually.

13. What is the minimum quantity for embedment?

We can embed any quantity, also one of a kind

14. Is it possible for the jewelry pieces to be made into rings with text or pictures?

We can do jewelry embedment from sizes that are large enough to be seen by the naked eye, down to sizes that can be seen only with a strong magnifying glass, with any design. We have supplied stones with various designs to jewelry manufacturers for production of rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings.

15. Can it be attached to outside sources that are already in place, like an existing headstone?

Yes, by producing a plate and binding it to the existing stone.