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Ballast Features:

  • +      Low Electro Magnetic Interferences (mostly significant for Automotive Industry, Aviation, Medical devices, etc.). No EMI shielding required, we use plastic housing.

  • Safety - No electric shock risk (patented, no DC phase, High frequency).

  • +  Dimmable ballast with bidirectional remote control line or control unit which makes the ballast 100% ready for the automotive market by using the car computer to control it.

  • +  High efficiency - operates at very low temperatures (ΔT=21°C) over wide range of operating conditions.

  • Operates D1S or D2S bulbs 12V/24V 21W/35W/50W combinations includes D2S lamp holder with up to 2 meters of cable.

  • +  One of the smallest ballast available on the market.

  • +  4 granted patents, 2 pending patents.

  • +  Active false input polarity protection.

  • +  Remote power dimming selection for headlight range variation.

  • +  Short output protection.

  • +  Open output protection.

  • +  Input over voltage switches off with automatic restart.

  • +  Input under voltage shut down, self locking.

  • Negative lamp supply voltage in respect of car ground.

  • +  Fast restart cycles.

  • +  Smooth lamp current curve.

  • +  Smart light run up control.

  • +  Can be operated from car cigarette lighter with 10 meter cable ( high efficiency and limited inrush currents)

DC-DC converter features:

  • -  The DC-DC converter type combines the advantages of a
       blocking and a direct DC-DC converter

  • Mode of operation adapts automatically to momentary

  • Variable pulse width and variable frequency, up to
                               f max = 250 kHz

  • Excellent efficiency and excellent EMI performances.

Inverter features:

  • +  Based on low RDS on standard N-channel power MOSFETs.

  • Minimum cross conduction losses.

  • Insulated gate control keeps driving power low by using the gate control pulses also as gate charge power pulses keeping gate open by its own static memory function.

Control features:

  • -  Real time analogue multiplication uses the ohms operating area of a single bipolar transistor to keep output wattage constant - Patented DE-196 27 989 A1.

  • -   Run up power is reduced automatically when bulb is hot to avoid over powering of the bulb.

  • -  Safety circuit monitors lamp operation and shuts down ballast operation completely.

  • -  Lamp power is selected to the lower power level automatically at low input voltage condition.

  • -  Remote line monitors bulb operation and gives a positive feedback signal to an external micro processor, enabling extended light control features for the total system.


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