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Technological Advantages of
Ballast & Igniter XENLIGHT


  • Safety:Full solution to high voltage risks (electrocution).

  • Automotive industry compliance: E.M.I, driving safety, electric system, manufacturing and more.

  • Costs: costs reduction in purchasing, installation, maintenance, adjusting to new car models.

  • Innovation:  ballasts have strong patent protection since the ballasts use totally new methods to drive automotive HID bulbs out of low voltage DC as a unique outstanding principle.

About Xenlight
           Ballast Xenlight
           Igniter Xenlight 
           Xenon Bulb
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Tech Advantages
           Ballast Xenlight
           Xenon light 

Feature   Advantage   Benefit
  The bulb is not connected directly to the high voltage output (patented). 

    Whether the ballast is on or off, if the bulb is broken or not placed or the correct lamp power can not be established, the ballast switched off like a dead unit without any automatic self restart.

If the ballast is restarted manually or by computer in the above conditions it turns itself off in less than 0.5sec.

     Completely safe – zero output voltage at any improper usage, or collision

  Saves expenses on outside safety systems as in other ballasts.

  Safety maintenance. 

  Protect the system from being damaged, saves expenses. 
   The bulb is driven with a high frequency output, 14KHz while igniting and 4.5KHz at normal operation, Frequency is 10 times higher than others ballasts.

     Due to the HF skin effect the high frequency does not penetrate the human body      Reduce risk of electrocution.
  Low EMI
  (Electro Magnetic Interferences).

Use of sinus wave and not square wave

    EMI suppression solved without the necessity for metal housing.

No disturbs to AM radio bands or short wave bands.

No shielded HV cables are needed.

     Functions alongside auto computer systems as ABS, Cruise control, etc’.

  Flexible auto electronic systems design.

  Saves expenses in designing, harnesses, solving EMI problems.
   Bidirectional remote control line operates and control the ballast.

     On / off control, dimming, positive signal for bulb in operation, interfacing to car’s computer, all with one single wire.

  Hard reset after any improper usage.
    On/off by computer signal so no need for high current relay.

  No need for differential relays to indicate whether lights are on or off.

  Saves expenses on circuitry design.

  Use of plastic housing.

  Reduce the risk of electrocution.

Reduced weight.

  Safer ballast.

Reduces fuel consumption.

  Dimming option from 35W to 25W
     Future demand – when two cars towards each other an automatic system should dim their lights.

    Saves future development and expenses as it can be monitored by the car computer.
  Self protect mode breaks circuit during hi or lo voltage, reverse polarity, or any improper usage
    Fewer ballasts breakdown.     Saves maintenance expenses.
   Very low inrush current at start up
     80% of output light within less than 4 sec, 3260 lumens.
     Meets automotive standards.

  Saves expenses on relays and thick cables for high current.
   Very high efficiency, close to 90%.
    Minimum loses, results in ΔT (temperature) of only 21°C.      No metal housing is required to cool down the ballast, implementation in any application.

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